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Marine Machinery out of Ship Recycling


We supply the following machinery & other items out of Ship Recycling:
• Main Engines
• Main Engine Turbochargers
• Main Engine Governors
• Electricity Generators
• Generator Engine Turbochargers
• Generator Engine Governors
• Oil Mist Detectors
• Heat Exchangers
• Fresh Water Generators
• Oily Water Separators
• Air Compressors
• Oil Purifiers
• Heavy Furnace Oil Purifiers
• Oil Purifiers
• Chilling Compressors
• Air Conditioner Chilling Compressors
• Oil Pumps
• Water Pumps
• Sludge Pumps
• Emergency Fire Pumps
• Sewage Treatment Plants
• Pressure Pumps

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Contact Details:
Name: Harish Goyal : +91-8000-670-670
Email: [email protected]

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