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HKC Green Ship Recycling Management System

IHM- Inventory of Hazadous Materials on board of a ship for recycling  (Compliance & Reporting Online System)

  1. Based on the EUSRR & HKC- Hong Kong Convention 2009 guidelines & as per IHM- Inventory of the hazardous materials on board of the ship, our online management & reporting system provides updates to all the concerned ones almost in the real time.
  2. All the daily activities concerned with the remaining, recovery and disposal quantities of Hazardous Materials can be seen at a glance and or in the form of reports and pictures.
  3. HM Surveyors, Ship Recyclers, Shipping Lines or the Ship Owners, Demo Ship Brokers, Cash Buyers & Financing Banks/Institutions will be able to see Hazardous Material status (remaining on board of the ship) of all the ships belonging to them at one place & at a glance.

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