(A worldwide guide on Ship Recycling) provides At a Glance Information on Ships Being Recycled at All Major Recycling Yards. is a One Stop Platform on Ship Recycling Information & Updates.

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  1. Marine Machinery- Main Engines, Power Generators, etc.
  2. Propeller Shafts and Connecting Rod Pins.
  3. Alloy Steel Scrap having Nickel, Chromium, Molybdenum & Manganese Alloys.
  4. Titanium Scrap Sheets.
  5. Global Ship Recycling Industry Data Information.
  6. ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning online program for day to day Ship Recycling working as per country to country system.
  7. HKC- Hong Kong Convention compliance & reporting system for green ship recycling as per IHM of the ship.  
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